Virtual- & Mixed Reality

From real-estate sales to in-house computer training, virtual & mixed reality technologies are changing the way we consume digital Content.

Imagine: You make an appointment with a client to view a property… but instead of boring her with an explanation of 2D plans, you equip her with special glasses, letting her explore the planned project virtually. She’ll select furniture, rotate it, move it anywhere in the room. The client can get an overview of the property, or design it to suit her ideas and criteria… even before the first spadeful of earth has been dug.

Our HTC Vive Pro VR glasses are the most powerful ones in the high-end segment today. In addition to the unique VR experience, two built-in cameras allow elements from the real world to be integrated into the VR simulation. The term “mixed reality” refers to technology that lets you merge your actual surroundings with the world of virtual reality.

Our technical expertise ranges from a basic package (with headset & controller) to fully equipped VR rooms and trade-fair booths. We’ll also be glad to enhance the virtual experience even more, by implementing 4D elements like wind, aromas or sounds.