360°- Stereo 8K Videos and Photos

Our Insta Pro 2 delivers the latest in camera technology, allowing your client to explore your existing premises from every angle… even online.

With the Insta Pro 2, we’re expanding our repertoire with a high-end, stereoscopic 360° camera. Why does that matter? Because in addition to their unique 8K resolution (7680 × 4320 pixels), stereoscopic images convey the impression of spatial depth.

Unlike conventional “flat” images, stereoscopic 3D shots give the viewer the feeling of really being right inside the room. Whether in a desktop browser, on a smartphone, or with virtual reality glasses, the 360° effect is significantly more powerful, leaving the client with a more intense impression. Interactive features like videos, animations and pictures can also boost session duration by enhancing a virtual tour’s appeal.

Our virtual-camera tour is used in all sorts of industries… for training apprentices, selecting tables in restaurants and creating 360° apartment videos, narrated by a real estate Agent.


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