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  • Renderings
  • 360°-WalkArounds
  • VR/AR & Mixed Reality
  • CGI / Animations

Computer Vision

  • License Plate Recognition
  • Carpark-Occupancy-Detection
  • Material Tracking in Heavy Industries
  • People-Detection

Our Story

"It is said that the golem lives everywhere and in all times."
- (David Frishman, The Golem, 1922)

The Golem Digital team has set itself the goal of making it easier for real estate companies and industrial customers to take the step into digitalisation with an innovative “all-round service”. To achieve this, we rely on a broad interactive range. From photo-realistic 3D visualizations to drone flights and virtual reality experiences: Golem Digital combines all technical possibilities as a full-service provider.

These are not off-the-shelf products – every tool can be individualized from the ground up, and customer wishes can be quickly incorporated. Furthermore, Golem Digital has been working intensively with Computer Vision – software for image recognition – since 2010. The products can be found all over the world, from the steelworks in Poland to the parking garage in Burji Khalifa, the highest building on earth.

Stage projects perfectly.


"We especially appreciated Golem Digital’s precise implementation and fast response to last minute project requests. They distinguished themselves from the competition by out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving. A major selling point are their incredibly detailed high quality 3D visualisations and we are looking forward to collaborations in the future."

Stephan Nadim

Senior Systems Engineering Tools Manager

"Using Golem Digital’s 360° walkthroughs we can take future tenants on highly detailed and accurate virtual tours through their new homes from the comforts of their couch. You can take a peek on the GWS homepage or via VR glasses, visit us in one of our offices or straight away on the construction site itself."

Martina Haas

Geschäftsführerin GWS

"Golem Digital convinced us straight from the start with their innovative approaches to realizing our projects professionally. Their high quality visualisations of our prefabricated houses and the highly motivated team goes along well with the VARIO HAUS brand."

Daniel Gruber

Prokurist VARIO-HAUS

"Hillebrand’s visual appearance was elevated to new heights employing a combination of renderings, 360° tours, and a uniquie app including a sun level simulator. We are looking forward to new challenging projects with Golem Digital."

Bernd und Wolfgang Hillebrand

Geschäftsführer Hillebrand

"The collaboration with Golem Digital in the area of real estate development proofed to be very successful. Our cooperation in developing and realizing a virtual reality room will be fit to all future customers‘ needs."

Roland Föchterle

Geschäftsführer Projekt Wohnen

About us

Johannes Fasching

CEO & Founder

André Lintschnig

Project Management

Georg Zauner

Marketing & Sales

Eric Eiselin

Sales Germany

Felix Zmoelnig


Lorenz Jäger

Software Developer, VR/AR & Mixed Reality

Jan Kowalczyk

Computer Vision Expert

Insta 360 Pro 2

Camera/Stereoscopic 360°-shots